Friday, June 18, 2010


Bo Staff Progression

Basic Strike
Basic Jab
Kneeling Strike
Kneeling Jab
•Choke Defence
•Low Defence
Wrist Spin
Front Spin
Helicopter Spin
Palm Spin
Tail Spin
Palm Switch
Spin Tosse
Around the Back
Around the Neck
•Around the Leg
•Figure 8 (left/right) Hand
Figure 8 Twohanded
Figure 8 Switch
Figure 8 Underarm tuck
•Figure 8 Underarm continues

these are the basic that i've overcomed :D
first of all, i know its a little bit too late.
Happy Birthday to my beloved Ex, Jaja (!)

Ku Azreen Nadja Natasha Beeha

ahahahaa, you've changed a lot. its been umm, 11 month? since we've broke up. haha. well, i dont know what to say actually. its good to know that you're a good friend. besides being your lover. eventhough we oftenly 'gaduh'. its Fun, kaan kan? lol. remember, you'll always be my

Friday, June 11, 2010


Just iced my head on the floor in Sunway Piramid with Azri, Muzz, Amir, Diyanna, Fara, Erina and Ezura.

Muzzamil Zekri

Azri Abdulalim

Fara, Diyanna, & Erina

mesin gossip kelas

singgah tandas

stucked in the train


remaja remaja zaman sekarang ni memang dah pelik. macam dah tak ada perasaan. macam dah tak ada.. entah lah. aku nak cakap pun tak tau macam mana.

korang boleh kan?
couple, gaduh, break, cari lain. couple, break, cari lain. couple, break, cari lain. macam tu je. macam main main je. pakai buang, pakai buang. GAAHHH! aku memang fed up dowh tengok perkara ni. boleh pulak tu, share share awek. mula mula couple ngan awek ni. pastu break, member dia pulak amek. pastu break, couple pulak ngan kawan ex dia. i mean like. WATAKFAK?!!

korang takda rasa malu ke? bukan la malu sebab buat benda tak elok ke ape. contohnya, Ali couple dengan Yahya. lepas tu mereka break up. Abu (kawan Ali) dok menggatal ngan ex si Ali nih. pegi couple pulak ngan Yahya. lepas tuh. bila Abu dah break dengan Yahya, Abu couple pulak dengan kawan si Yahya, Elisa. dah selepas tu pulak. si Yahya ni gatal gatal pulak ngan abang Ali, Asyraf <--dah gatal tu couple laa. macam tu lah apa yang aku lihat dalam suasana remaja masih muda pada zaman sekarang ni. cuba kau orang pikir. tak cam bodoh ke? takda rasa segan ke dengan rakan sebaya? GELI dowh aku tengok. nampak sangat korang menggatal sesama sendiri.


Wednesday, June 9, 2010

a post for a friend

i felt very sad for you. i 'know'. you just wanted to reconnect with all your friends who have been busy with thier lives. and you miss them. i'm sorry that i cant make it because of a certain reason. but hey, cheer up. we'll meet someday. and im sure i'll be seeing your cute little face soon. :')

love you cutestuff :P

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Date : 28th - 30th of May
Time : 10 a.m. - 11 p.m.
Vanue : Putra World Trade Centre

on Saturday and Sunday,
just had an awesome weeks with my friend inside BSD, outside BSD and my sisters. hohoho. yeah we did perform. theres Parkour introduction, demo, workshop and a hell lot of stuff going on. on saturday, i went there with Arif, Mazys, and my sister. we did perform. i think we did a great job though. haha. with Amir giving instructions and intros about parkour. the difference between parkour and freerunning. yeah, i could say this is the most happening workshop we had ever done. so far, its also the best demo.

i was't even prepare for the saturday event. because it was't my set. wearing jeans, converse and stuff. so its abit pain to de ass. after landing from some tricks. lol. heres the vid. for saturday's performance

Find me (!)

wall flips

Sunday, theres Jan, Aril, and Iwan. it was a crap one. we did only for like 15 minutes? because, Amir, Kei, Azzam, and the rest datang lambat. theres no one to hold the mic. no intro, no instructions, only a stupid lil minutes of demo. gaahhh. we went to the food courd. go tricking with some random B-Boy. blajar handstand wehh!

but after sometimes, when we were walking out of the buildings at the registration. the youth' crew call us for some unexpected demonstration. lolz. so heres the vid yawll

cork landing back spin. lol

some random picture

bunch of retards, Arif & Mazys

Annoying sister

it was nice to hang out with you guys
. ciao~