Thursday, June 9, 2011

Hey wassup fellas and fags. i've been busy lately like a few month? haha, i'm too lazy to talk about life right now but what i'm gonna do is, i'm gonna share those videos of my recent event this year.

The Freerun Challenge Hari Belia 2011 High Light

PKMY's greatest event of the year. The Freerun Challenge Hari Belia 2011! a video high light from "MunkeyMedia" edited by Nabil Ifwat this very recent. Check it out. Wicked move performed by the community members :D

The Freerun Challenge Hari Belia 2011 : Atha Aillah

Check out my 1 min duration video entry. Didn't record any new footages.
don't have time and its not the right mood for recording.

3KINGSmy May '11 Gathering

3KINGSmy is a part of 3RUNmy. This is the very first gathering. Suprised by the number of trickers that showed up. These guys is full of laugh. It was a real fun session. 12th May 2011 at The Palace of Justice, Putrajaya. Edited by Asyraf Zahardin

3KINGSmy May '11 Gathering (Before it Rained)

A video by Abudi Alsagoff.
recorded by Red Mor before the rain starts comin'

Bandar Utama Session

Not so recent. A tricking session behind a super market near The Curve, Bandar Utama on March 2011. mejority of 'em are members of the SDTC and Mixed Movement Community.

Taman Damar Session

A wicked training session with the guys at Taman Damar near Al-Safa at Sri Damansara. Can't remember the date. But it was a really formidable event. Frustrated with the prohibited youtube thingy. I have to reupload it on facebook. It would've been a better quality video :|

Taman Margosa Session

It was suppose to be my another lonely session there at Margosa. But eventually ended up doing corks with Azfar. A member of the Mixed Movement and he is 13 years old!

Taman Damar Session 2

new* Just a small session at Damar with our new member of the community. Bandar Sri Damansara Tricking Community (SDTC). This guy is very athletic. He plays football, rugby and many shits. He is probably the best person i've ever taught tricking before. Just 3 sessions and he nailed the perfect backflip technique :D

Atha' 5 Hit Combo and Form

Old stuff* Some drill i've been working on.
my kicks ain't so bad eyh? :B

Twist it and Kick it

New* Been practising my Dub Full lately. This whole tumbling thingy keep on running on my mind these days. I want my tumbling form look like a real gymnast oneday. hmm..

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