Monday, August 8, 2011

Potochop Matness!!

I have been doing a couple of editing and designing lately. Mostly involve with photoshop. I'm currently designing a website for myself but it isn't lived yet because I'm having trouble with the template thingy and of course i would not pay for my own domain. The reason I created this website is to centralize all my online activities in just one place.

About photoshop, there is this one plug-in that I'm currently very addicted to. It's called "LucisArt" and this shit is pretty crazy-most-osem I'll tell ya. It can convert any stupid image with bad lighting, exposure, and shits, to the most awesome picture you'll probably ever seen. Well, at lest if you got some photoshop skills of course. Some people frequently asked me, 'what camera do you used?'. FYI, i don't have any SLR and i only got this annoying digital cam that i bought second-hand. HOHO

I've been experimenting with lucisart about 2 days. Due to the reason that I can't find any good tutorials for it. So the only option is to 'belek belek' the thing. anyways, check this out. Some photos I've edited since the past few days. you can click to zoom in.

Before After

Look at the details that the plug-in had given me. Pretty cool right? My editing skill is improving every day. yay! Maybe one day I'll show a quick tutorial for it (if you guys asked). Besides photoshop. I also got a lil' something something for ya. I have finished my very own tricking video featuring some special gaming effects! Got everything from after effects and premiere pro. I also designed some wierd typography (the thing i loved most) using illustrator and hand-made design for this new martial arts tricking team called "2wistkick!" (putar terajang)

"Boredom Killer"

my new video. had a hard time finding the tutorials for the plugin "trapocode particular". these effects are pretty hard to work with. you'll have to animate it 'frame-by-frame' it took me 2 weeks to finish up the video. I'm really surprised by the number of people who shared my video through facebook. They are all very supportive. Thanks fellas! ;D

If you don't know what tricking is. Watch this video. It's our recent tricking gathering hosted by me at Dataran Shah Alam on the 23rd of July 2011. Pretty sick moves were executed. But we had sicker session during the night. This gathering featuring; Funkatrickez, Mixed Movement, 2wistkick, 3kingsmy (the community), the shah alam freerunner and Jeremy from Holland!

July '11 Gathering

I don't know why, I can't execute a proper cheat 720 but managed to execute cheat 900 pretty well instead. kind mixed-up everything. this is probably my worse editing

Kei gemok. haha

and these are some typography i made for "2wistkick"

For more info about gatherings and small sessions. Please visit these page.

Till next time (if i got the mood), I'll shall post my activities in this blog. chiao~