Thursday, January 27, 2011

Camera Canggih

hello fags. wazzup? it's been a chilling while since my last update heh. hahah. recently, me and afi went to JB for the 'JB New Year Jam' event. but it was not the main purpose though. we've been planning to go to JB for years. but now this is it. we've finally steped our foot on that little awesome land. a land full of trickers and awesome people. yay! haha.

went there for a couple of days. 4 days and 3 nights. 14.01.2011, i'll never forget that date. going to JB was the awesomest experience i've ever had. had a jam sessh with the ashihire, shimura runner, 3run malaysia, freerun jb, cleamo, monjitsu, and nova. hehe. all sick people. we slept at Aramy's house. his mom was cool with us. they treat us foods and all stuff. oh thank you Aramy. your my baby sitter! hahah.

ever heard a news about us? recently, we've been covered by the TV3's Wanita Hari Ini program. it was a live broadcast event. me, afi, amir, azzam, abir, cat, hadin. haha, it was an interview about watahek is parkour all about and the usual questions. for all of you traceurs who did't get to catch WHI on that day, you can still watch it on follow these steps. > register > login > search : wanita hari ini > WHI 2011 > episode 12 > scroll to 37.00 (time line)

there you can see the PKMY members and my stupid lil face performing live. muehehe. if theres any big event, i'll post it up in my blog so that you guys can catch up with us with the latest updates. and please do check out the PKMY new forum at if your new in parkour and wanna ask for guide and tutorial or something like that.

what's my story? hahah. me and my fellow awesome friends managed to create our new group called The Mixed Movement. you guys would probably goes like 'watahek is that?' yeah, click on the link if you wanna know about the mixed movement. and more, do follow mixed movement's blog at that we've created recently. it is not completely done yet. but still, you can check in and find out watahek is mixed movement is. Ha-Ha. plus, the tee shirts is under progress and our trailer video is still in search of ideas. wait for MM's opening jam and workshop. hik hik :3

Monday, January 3, 2011

Astro Shoot - Wah Lah Toi's U report

Do you guys remember about the astro shoot that i used to mention in my previous post?
well, here it is. actually the thing happen long time ago. last year, in Ramadhan. it's an interview done by some random chinese astro channel. couldn't understands what she's saying but the editing is pretty sick! its a long day and i was weak and outta breath -..-the shoot takes 2 days due to the rainy season in that month. the 1st day, i'm in red. the 2nd day, i'm in gray. in that time, i had not enough money and had to 'payung' iwan somemore -.-' it's a pretty damp and a hot sunny day. watch the video and see how weak i am.

p/s : the thumbnail may look abit like porno video. lolz


ohh man. the final exam is over. there are blog to be updated, clothes to be washed, tricks to attempt, and songs to be downloaded. now everybody is updating thier blog about it. i finally crawled out of the cage. 'dah habis skolah', can't believe that huh.

its been 3 weeks after SPM and i feel like 'kosong'. wtf right? hahah. i've been busy, too busy being sick. lolz. SPM is wasn't so bad after all. i had fun, a week before the first day. everybody was being nice, polite and whatever. haha, lovin that day. but i have to say, i didn't do my best. belivitt? yeahh please do. thinking of taking the single paper for add math. paper 2 was sakk to the hole of jubanass -_- i want A! but seriously, me gonna recap that paper again. urgh.

and what do i do here? i got a feelin' that i suppose to be jumping. ngehehehh. got a small session afterward at Kiara. feel free to join in motherfukerzz. desperate gila nak melompat. i mean like, thats what i do. i love jumpin', i love movement art. everything about movement inspires me. non-artificially i meant. everyone's looking for job. me? im still waiting those grapes to grows if you know what i mean. i got several cash for this month. then, i'll be crawlin in those malls desperately looking for money source. but seriously, even Sabrina pun dah ada kerja?! hah!

i'm gonna miss those days in my school. BSD2 forevahh~! ceh cehh. hahah. i had a pleanty of event that i've attended this year. i'm gonna miss that too :O

PKMY Annual Year-End Jam 2010

i'm the one with the maroon tee

Astro Shoot & TVC Casting

i'm the red one :3

The Rest,
  • PKMY Annual Year-End Jam 2010
  • NTV 7 Cube Interview
  • Astro Shoot & TVC Casting
  • Masif 2010 Demo
  • Youth 2010 Festival Demo & Workshop
  • Hari Belia 2010
  • SK Bandar Sri Damansara 3 Demo 2010
  • Battle of The Year Malaysia 2010
  • F&N Fun Fest
  • Dataran Merdeka Session
  • FRIM Session
  • Extreme Park Session
  • Prima Damansara Session
  • Bandar Utama Session
  • Taman Lembah Kiara Session
  • One Utama Session
  • Dataran Gemilang Session
  • Forbidden Park Session
  • Angkasapuri Session
  • Taman Paramout Session
  • Taman Jaya Session
  • Pudu Raya Session
  • Bukit Jalil Session
  • Taman Tasik Shah Alam Session

Woarh! thats a lot wasn't it? yeah it is. i had the best experience in life in 2010. i love you 2010, i met a couple of dozens of new great people and i wish i can share this with all of you guys. tomorrow is a good bye to you. *sob sob. but thats okay i was pretty naive and slow this year. thats why i'm gonna do the best next year. HELLO NEW WORLD 2011~~!!

moment kebahagiaan

yada yada yada. these fingers are dancing on the keyboard without even know what type of dance they are doing. waiting for the brain to search and recover the lost memory. hahah pfft, they are gonna dance about my birthday actually.

sorry people, this post are gonna be less interesting. cause it's about me. 'again'. hahah. yeahh, my birthday was last week. exectly 7 days ago. nothing happens as usual as it would normal-ly be. theres nothing special about the day of my birth. well, nobody said that. but i generally do think so. hahh.

but yet, suprisingly. maybe a liltle more something this year. i receive a total of 7 wishes in real life and 104 on facebook. lol. and what suprised me really is that. they remember. eventhough i didn't set the notification on facebook. haha. and compared to last year. i receive a total of 4 wishes. kesian gila enn? hahah. am i glowing this year or what? i never celebrate it with my friends, family or who so ever in my life. even this year's birthday i barely remember! ahahh. i got present this year. ceh cehh. ahaha.

"I'm So HOT" from Zulaiqa :D

a band from Shaza!

and a letter from her :))

lol. i rarely receive gift for my birthday. agak jakun gak arr. LOLz. ahaha. but that doesn't matter. the thing is, i appreciate that they care. a sense of relief that i am not alone. and i am curently waiting a hand band from Natasha Merissa! hahah. she looked every where for that thingy. thank you tashaa *muka gedik* :B

things went well~

en ow ow be

Tak faham. kenapa remaja remaja sekarang mementing kan perfection. memang la semua orang nak kesempurnaan. tapi agak agak la doe. sampai sanggup nak mengutuk, mencela, menyindir dan mengejek. so uncool mann. dah besar gajah pun perangai macam budak budak. badan je membesar, otak mengecil. yang gurau tu gurau lah.

aku tak tahu kenapa aku tak boleh nak ngam dengan segolongan plajar dalam sekolah aku. mungkin tak satu kepala kot. laki pompuan sama je. gurau sikit anggap serious, semua benda yang aku buat macam tak kena je pada mata dia orang. bak kata Syimir, "they're just a bunch of trash". aku takda lah menganggap mereka sebegitu. tapi rasa macam nak meletup jugak laa bila mulut bisa dia orang tu mengeluarkan deretan ayat yang menusuk ke jatung. mengomplain pasal personaliti aku. aku akui aku memang selekeh kat sekolah. kasut hitam, rambut panjang, baju komot, muka separuh sedar, seluar kusut masai. rambut tak bersikat, tidur dalam kelas. aku memang selekeh serabai. segalanya di sekolah memang tak menjadi lahh. tapi yang paling penting dalam selekeh selekeh aku, aku tak pernah mengacau orang.

ini dia kata kata nya pada aku,

Pasal Rambut
Dia : atha, hansome ah kau sekarang ni. sideburn kiri panjang, sideburn kanan pendek
Atha : oh terima kasih.
Dia : style ape ni wehh? style giler ahh. ni trend budah budak otak senget ke? macam mana nak buat?
Atha : ohh sorry ah bro, tak boleh ah. ini budak budak market je boleh buat. kalau korang yang tak dikenali. harap maaf :D

Pasal Seluar
Atha : korang buat ape ni? study ke? bagus ah
Dia : tengok sluar dia (menyeru member member nya tengok kat penyangkut seluar aku). haha
Atha : selekeh sangat ke aku ni?
Dia : bukan selekehh. ahahaha (muka happy dapat menjatuh kan aku)

Fact 1 : seluar sekolah aku dah tak ada penyangkut sebab dari tahun lepas tak bertukar

Pasal Seluar lagi
Dia : atha cantik betul sluar kau ann (menunjuk ke arah bawah bahagian seluar aku) kau tak boleh besar kan lagi ke?
Atha : ni masalahnya hal koyak sendiri nih. dah memang terkoyak kot.

Fact 2 : bahagian kaki seluar aku dah koyak baggy macam seluar agogo

hampir semua ciri ciri fizikal mahupun benda benda yang aku buat hendak di komennya. apa masalah die ni sebenarnye? kalau di ikutkan kepala otak jahat aku. die ni memang nak menjatuh kan aku lah. sama je dengan member member nya yang lain. in the end, aku mungkin agree dengan kata kata syimir. hahh

jantan selekeh

but i got worlds for you mann. aku tau kau nak diri kau tu lebih hot dari aku. kau hendak menjatuh kan aku supaya diri kau tu boleh di megah megah kan lagi. tapi dengan apa? chicks? friends in facebook? atau mungkin kau nak nama kau disebut sebut lebih dari aku? ohh watahekk. nak menggejar sangat gelaran hot tuh. bak kata Ulii, hot. hot doe dia. hot doe. hot doh. hot-doh. hodoh juga jadinya. hahaha.

aku memang kekurangan kawan di bsd. tapi kalau banyak banyak pun buat apa? buat apa nak kawan dengan mereka mereka yang sekepala otak dengan kau? ewww, semua stok stok tak cukup makan garam. bukan lah aku nak cakap diri aku ni bagus ke ape. tetapi, pandai pandai pikir balik lah. korang nak ke be among those yang mempunyai minda sebegini? orang gua tu lagi open minded aku rasa. noob!~

Bantal Terbang

Dalam tengah tengah berangan tadi. aku terpikir balik. kenapa setiap kali aku menyinggah ke kedai pak dolah. mesti manager yang berbadan sasa tu menyambut kehadiran ku dengan begitu mesra. dalam setiap kali nak refill air, mesti tersengeh sengeh juga dia. watahek? jangan terkejut, kedai pak dolah juga kini memiliki rangakaian tidak berwayar atau dengan nama singkatnya, wifi. kata mereka, dia tu memang gay. hah. tak silap aku, gay gay sekalian ni ada common sense yang tersendiri untuk mendetect mereka mereka yang sebuta nafsu dengannya.

aku ni nampak gay ke wehh!? serious ke? dah cukup trauma dah ni dengan prihal gay yang tak ter ending. apakah ciri ciri fizikal ku yang membuatkan theory berikut kelihatan nyata? nolstaga~ (tiru ayat azam). pasal pos aku yang hari tu, perkara tu memang terjadi la korang hoii. aku memang saja tak nak ianya disebut sebut. pretend perkara tu takda ape pun. sebab takot tak dimakannya nanti masakan mak aku kang. terasa geli yang teramat.

haihh, besok sekolah. seluar dalam tak kering kering lagi ni ah. takut takda backup je nanti oii kalau sluar terkoyak esok. seperti biasa, setiap kali cuti panjang. penyakit aku datang balik. penyakit susah tido. jadi ini lah dia. melayan jari jari ku. melihat mereka menari nari atas papan kekunci. sehingga pos ini siap di publish.

memang susah nak percaya. dilema gay aku sejak kebelakangan ini. ramai yang mengambil kesempatan ni untuk mengejek ejek aku. gay sana, gay sini. "poor you little bastard", "aku pun nak molest kau lah", "atha, how was it like to be a gay for a few minutes?". tambahan lagi, apa pula yang bakal di katakan oleh budak budak kelas esok hari. arhhh, screw them.

mungkin aku perlu cari girlf bagi membuktikan ketidakbenaran khabar mengarut dorang. tapi, mana nak dapat Bgirl?! hahah. kalau aku dapat Bgirl, i'll be the coolest boyf she'd ever had. haha. neahh, takyah nak berangan la atha oii *tolak adik.



aku baru sedar sekarang ni yang aku ni suka buang duit. setiap sen yang mak aku bagi, ada je yang nak di bazirkan. nafsu tu tak pernah nak terlimit. what a waste. i'm broke man, i totally am. rasa cam gaahhh gila. poket aku ni kalau takda kertas yang berwarna warni tu, rasa kosong. rasa lapar manjang. what a dick.

nak menabung? mungkin idea yang paling bodoh pernah keluar dari otak. how could that even possible? berangan memang menjadi sesuatu yang dominan dalam hidup. nak DSLR, nak kereta, nak pakaian abang Edward. hah. mahal mahal belaka. kerja? ape je aku boleh buat, spm pun tak lepas lagi ni ah. stakat repair pc brapa je boleh dapat. ni kan pula banyak customer yang prangai cam celaka haram. nak itu, nak ini. at the same time, nak murah. kau ingat aku ni apa. it has been a couple of hundred times i wanted to throw something onto their stupid annoying face. macam mana lahh aku nak dapat duit nih.

so options,
  1. pinjam duit kakak, tahun depan bayar balik
  2. ngorat awek pastu ketuk duit dorang (boleh jadi sumber topup aku :D)
  3. kerja sapu sampah
  4. buat class Tricking!
  5. mengemis
nak cari alternative lain untuk mendapat keuntungan. *rugi aku tak blajar ekonomi. ape ni, budak pandai pun tak reti cari duit ke? ahah. kalau lah bapak aku tokei burger kat damansara. tak perlu aku bersusah payah macam ni.

member member semua otak biol. pergi jugak repair pc kat cine kedai atas. dia ketuk korang mahal la siot. RM 110 per OS? tah ape la weii, korang boleh jimat RM 60 dengan aku. siap bonus dengan software yang bukan bukan lagi. dan maaf aku takda porn. apa yang aku perlukan sekarang ni. bakat? ahah. banyak kot bakat aku. bakat lompat lompat, bakat kedaigambar, bakat bercakap. ahah! speaking of which, tahun depan insyaallah aku dapat kerja tu. kerja ape eh? Bisnes Adviserz. WHOAHAHAHA. mujur aku pandai berkata kata. cuma tak cukup bulu je.

abang bisnes tu cakap, kalau nak kerja dengan dia. kena nampak matang. by means, aku kena bela janggut la ye? whoaha. disebab kan muka aku terlampau comel dan kebudak budakkan mungkin nasib aku kurang menyerlah kali ini. lamee -.-


so i've renovated my blog for the last time i guess. haha. well i'm tellin you. do check out my 'services' page. i really really need some money this month. banyak giler hutangg wehh! when ever you guys need my services, i'm here. i'm not saying that i make perfect computer services. tapi bolehh lahh jugak. hahahh. so the first thing i want you guys to do is, don't ever go for some random official computer services. because they'll charge you more! me? i'm not stingy like those suckers. lets make it simple for both of us hehh. ahahaha.

so hutang (!),
  1. PIBG - RM 50
  2. Buku Sewa - RM 20+
  3. Buku Hilang - Rm 12.90
  4. PJK Tees - RM 12
  5. Hutang Aizuddin - RM 10
  6. Hutang Muzzamil - RM 7
  7. Hutang Amirul Razak - RM 5
  8. Hutang Amir Firdaus - RM 10
  9. Hutang Adik - RM 1
i think theres more. hahah. but anyway. i have to get rid of these. i'm sorry guys for holdin it for like a year? hahh. what an asshole am i. i regret wasting my money for some mekdi's. HAH!