Monday, January 3, 2011

Astro Shoot - Wah Lah Toi's U report

Do you guys remember about the astro shoot that i used to mention in my previous post?
well, here it is. actually the thing happen long time ago. last year, in Ramadhan. it's an interview done by some random chinese astro channel. couldn't understands what she's saying but the editing is pretty sick! its a long day and i was weak and outta breath -..-the shoot takes 2 days due to the rainy season in that month. the 1st day, i'm in red. the 2nd day, i'm in gray. in that time, i had not enough money and had to 'payung' iwan somemore -.-' it's a pretty damp and a hot sunny day. watch the video and see how weak i am.

p/s : the thumbnail may look abit like porno video. lolz

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