Monday, January 3, 2011


ohh man. the final exam is over. there are blog to be updated, clothes to be washed, tricks to attempt, and songs to be downloaded. now everybody is updating thier blog about it. i finally crawled out of the cage. 'dah habis skolah', can't believe that huh.

its been 3 weeks after SPM and i feel like 'kosong'. wtf right? hahah. i've been busy, too busy being sick. lolz. SPM is wasn't so bad after all. i had fun, a week before the first day. everybody was being nice, polite and whatever. haha, lovin that day. but i have to say, i didn't do my best. belivitt? yeahh please do. thinking of taking the single paper for add math. paper 2 was sakk to the hole of jubanass -_- i want A! but seriously, me gonna recap that paper again. urgh.

and what do i do here? i got a feelin' that i suppose to be jumping. ngehehehh. got a small session afterward at Kiara. feel free to join in motherfukerzz. desperate gila nak melompat. i mean like, thats what i do. i love jumpin', i love movement art. everything about movement inspires me. non-artificially i meant. everyone's looking for job. me? im still waiting those grapes to grows if you know what i mean. i got several cash for this month. then, i'll be crawlin in those malls desperately looking for money source. but seriously, even Sabrina pun dah ada kerja?! hah!

i'm gonna miss those days in my school. BSD2 forevahh~! ceh cehh. hahah. i had a pleanty of event that i've attended this year. i'm gonna miss that too :O

PKMY Annual Year-End Jam 2010

i'm the one with the maroon tee

Astro Shoot & TVC Casting

i'm the red one :3

The Rest,
  • PKMY Annual Year-End Jam 2010
  • NTV 7 Cube Interview
  • Astro Shoot & TVC Casting
  • Masif 2010 Demo
  • Youth 2010 Festival Demo & Workshop
  • Hari Belia 2010
  • SK Bandar Sri Damansara 3 Demo 2010
  • Battle of The Year Malaysia 2010
  • F&N Fun Fest
  • Dataran Merdeka Session
  • FRIM Session
  • Extreme Park Session
  • Prima Damansara Session
  • Bandar Utama Session
  • Taman Lembah Kiara Session
  • One Utama Session
  • Dataran Gemilang Session
  • Forbidden Park Session
  • Angkasapuri Session
  • Taman Paramout Session
  • Taman Jaya Session
  • Pudu Raya Session
  • Bukit Jalil Session
  • Taman Tasik Shah Alam Session

Woarh! thats a lot wasn't it? yeah it is. i had the best experience in life in 2010. i love you 2010, i met a couple of dozens of new great people and i wish i can share this with all of you guys. tomorrow is a good bye to you. *sob sob. but thats okay i was pretty naive and slow this year. thats why i'm gonna do the best next year. HELLO NEW WORLD 2011~~!!

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