Thursday, January 27, 2011

Camera Canggih

hello fags. wazzup? it's been a chilling while since my last update heh. hahah. recently, me and afi went to JB for the 'JB New Year Jam' event. but it was not the main purpose though. we've been planning to go to JB for years. but now this is it. we've finally steped our foot on that little awesome land. a land full of trickers and awesome people. yay! haha.

went there for a couple of days. 4 days and 3 nights. 14.01.2011, i'll never forget that date. going to JB was the awesomest experience i've ever had. had a jam sessh with the ashihire, shimura runner, 3run malaysia, freerun jb, cleamo, monjitsu, and nova. hehe. all sick people. we slept at Aramy's house. his mom was cool with us. they treat us foods and all stuff. oh thank you Aramy. your my baby sitter! hahah.

ever heard a news about us? recently, we've been covered by the TV3's Wanita Hari Ini program. it was a live broadcast event. me, afi, amir, azzam, abir, cat, hadin. haha, it was an interview about watahek is parkour all about and the usual questions. for all of you traceurs who did't get to catch WHI on that day, you can still watch it on follow these steps. > register > login > search : wanita hari ini > WHI 2011 > episode 12 > scroll to 37.00 (time line)

there you can see the PKMY members and my stupid lil face performing live. muehehe. if theres any big event, i'll post it up in my blog so that you guys can catch up with us with the latest updates. and please do check out the PKMY new forum at if your new in parkour and wanna ask for guide and tutorial or something like that.

what's my story? hahah. me and my fellow awesome friends managed to create our new group called The Mixed Movement. you guys would probably goes like 'watahek is that?' yeah, click on the link if you wanna know about the mixed movement. and more, do follow mixed movement's blog at that we've created recently. it is not completely done yet. but still, you can check in and find out watahek is mixed movement is. Ha-Ha. plus, the tee shirts is under progress and our trailer video is still in search of ideas. wait for MM's opening jam and workshop. hik hik :3

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