Monday, January 3, 2011


so i've renovated my blog for the last time i guess. haha. well i'm tellin you. do check out my 'services' page. i really really need some money this month. banyak giler hutangg wehh! when ever you guys need my services, i'm here. i'm not saying that i make perfect computer services. tapi bolehh lahh jugak. hahahh. so the first thing i want you guys to do is, don't ever go for some random official computer services. because they'll charge you more! me? i'm not stingy like those suckers. lets make it simple for both of us hehh. ahahaha.

so hutang (!),
  1. PIBG - RM 50
  2. Buku Sewa - RM 20+
  3. Buku Hilang - Rm 12.90
  4. PJK Tees - RM 12
  5. Hutang Aizuddin - RM 10
  6. Hutang Muzzamil - RM 7
  7. Hutang Amirul Razak - RM 5
  8. Hutang Amir Firdaus - RM 10
  9. Hutang Adik - RM 1
i think theres more. hahah. but anyway. i have to get rid of these. i'm sorry guys for holdin it for like a year? hahh. what an asshole am i. i regret wasting my money for some mekdi's. HAH!

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