Friday, October 15, 2010

An Interview? or just a wierdest day of my life?!!

Indian Docter : Hey boy, can you speak in english?

Atha : yeah, i do. why?

Indian Docter : umm, can you show me the maybank somewhere in the place. i'm looking for maybank.

Atha : it's hard to tell. but not far la.

Indian Docter : ohh, come show me.

Atha : hah?

Indian Docter : you ride a long first show where it is, then i'll send you back.

Atha : ohh, umm okay.

Indian Docter : by the way my name is (forgot whats his name was) and you are?


Indian Docter : ohh atha. i am a medical advisor for anybody who has problems with thier (bla bla blaa..) especially like youngsters like you.

Atha : (angguk angguk)

Indian Docter : (while driving, hits a rear chinese man's car)

Atha : (watahekk?!)

Chinese man : (marah gila babi)

Indian Docter : hehh! GO la! GO!!

Chinese man : (middle fingger up)

Atha : (tercungap)

Indian Docter : haihh, what is with all the chinese in the area hahh. a small thing also wanna get pissed hahh.

Atha : (laugh wierdly)

Indian Docter : so atha, you're in form what ah?

Atha : i'm form 5 now

Indian Docter : you are quite tall hahh for your age.

(Skip until reaches the Jalan Cempaka)

Indian Docter : you aa, you have a. something like a unstable harmones eyh. means ah, your harmones are boilings. haha. have you done any sexual intercorse?

Atha : ahahahh. umm no. i mean never.

Indian Docter : you have mixed blood or what?

Atha : ahah. my grandfathers a chinese.

Indian Docter : ohh i see. mix blood ah. sometimes could give you a good looking or the opposite (bla bla bla)

Atha : owh

Indian Docter : (touches my head and presses my pimple)

Atha : (wierd faces)

Indian Docter : how frequent have you musterbate lately ah atha?

Atha : i never musterbate.

Indian Docter : owh you never musterbate aa? thats why la. your harmones are boiling and unstable. its could be dangerious if you dont musterbate. a sperm cells aa, it could only live for like 36 to 38 hours you know. so sometimes aa, when a person dont musterbate. when they do, the sperms turns yellowies. let me see your pulse.

Atha : (hulur tangan)

Indian Docter : (observing my pulse) let me feel your pulse on your stomac. lift up your shirt.

Atha : (Lift up shirt)

Indian Docter : ohh you have a really long body eyh. what im gonna do is. im gonna squeeze a something below your stomac. so you should feel ah. like an electrical or ticlish

Atha : ahahh. oo okay.

Indian Docter : (soked his hand into my underware)


Indian Docter : do you you feel any electrical?

Atha : ahahah. umm no no.

Indian Docter : (keep pressing and moving on until his hand almost touches my dick)

Atha : (watafakk watafakk watafakk!!) yeah i think i've feel it <-- porposely say to make em stop.

Indian Docter : (keep on goin)

Atha : is it nesessary?!

Indian Docter : yes it is. im doing it so that you can do your own firtile bla bla bla.. now unchain your belt. let me do it internally

Atha : (in my mind, is he a faking gay!)

Indian Docter : come on, dont be shy laa. unzip it now.

Atha : ahahahh. i think im late now -.-'

Indian Docter : come on laa. this is important you know. so that you can do you own fertile bla bla bla..

Atha : hahh. no its okay. i think im late now. thanks a lot ehh.

Indian Docter : (touches my dick)

Atha : (open the door and get out)

Indian Docter : thanks ehh.

i fart-king hates doctor now!


Haryesta Mistyra said...

WTF !! WTF !! WTF !!

bodo aku pegi baca...

doctor palsu tuh!

tah2 org gay yg cari budak2 muke cam kau..


tu ah.. jgn cepat percaya orang.. ish2..

Ataticu said...

i think hes a real doctor. but hes a d***

Daa said...


Ataticu said...

yeah you know it. im a victems here -.-'

Shezryna said...

HE DID THAT IN HIS CAR?!! AND YOU DIDN'T DO ANYTHING? What is wrong with you man?! O__O

Ataticu said...

aku tak pernah pikir pun dia akan buat gitu!

biela :) said...

i hope ur not traumatized for a long period of time :S

Ataticu said...

too bad. i am now T.T