Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Remaining

oh, hi there. its me. blogging again. well its been a while. actually, theres so much thing i wanted share with you guys. its been two month? hahah. lol. since the past couple of month. i've attended many kinds of event. well its all about the art of movement.

  • Showdown Street Fest
  • Battle of the Year Malaysia 2010
  • Masif 2010
  • Astro Shoot & TVC Casting
  • One Utama Ramadhan Jam
  • F&N Fun Fest

my post here is't about these stuff actually. i've been kind of emo lately. maybe its about what i do. i still can't figure out what i did wrong *help please* lol. hahah. yeahh. the big exam is arround corner. maybe im nervious, maybe im. maybe im umm umm, pfft.

hahah just joking. spm kacang je wehh!.
im gonna be honest with you guy. i miss the people arround me. there you go. hahah. my life is't so bad after all. theres so many priceless thing that i did't appreciate. and i feel wrong about that.

i got my computer whiz to hang out at mekdi all night long till morning. doing what? stalk people, download tons of videos, songs, and stuff.

i got my dance partner for me to toprock with

my munkiess, we do flips, twist, spin, kicks and all sort of movement art

my insane gay and lesbo partner Shez and Zulaiqa

the most friendliest makcik in school Aisyah and Hannah

The TTDI's!

i have so much that i wanna say before i'm leaving next year. although i dont really have a life in school this year. i'm gonna miss it. miss being with friends that appreciate my presence. miss those who were nice towards me. huhh~


siddiq said...

dude, im really really sory.. clips dari masif, yg hari ko dtg, the first 2days.. dah ilang, sbb laptop aku kn curi, sume clips dr 2 hari rabu n khamis ade dlm tu.. tu yg xde tuh video masif, aku da edit sikit, would have been a sick vid, tp laptop aku kn curi.. sial punyer pencuri

Ataticu said...

AHAHAH! seriously? i never thought there would be a vid for masif. hahah. neahh its nothing :D

Shezryna said...


In other note,
Thanks Chipset. :D

Ataticu said...

AHAHAHAH. thats the best i have :DD