Saturday, February 20, 2010

Gimnastik Artistik

the last, last, last and last saturday. i went to Shah Alam for a tricking session. session is at the Extreme Park. at noon, it was not a so fun session at all because there was only three of us. me, Amir, and Abir. the day was hot, dry, and everything.

i set off at about 8 a.m, board the bus about 8 and a half and arrive at 10. then lepak rumah Amir (seksyen 13, Perdana) jap. i call Abir, he said he were visiting the gym at seksyen 6. when Abir arrive at Perdana, he frequently mention about that gym and told us Abudi and all will be visiting it tonight at 8.

so gym topics off. its tricking time. Abir obtained a couple of new tricks. Amir and me was freakin shock to hear about his new Standing Gainer. the rest of the story ? let the picture and video tells.

Abir is getting obsessed with his side flip that we taught him

Mudabbir Ahmad Ilyas

Hey there. my names Amir Shahril, dude i like your thigh. can i have a piece

Extreme Park, Shah Alam

hows webster today ?

check out Abir's new Gainer. and my bail landed webster ;L

yeah, my knee is kinda loose that day. so after the day tricking sessh. Jan called and tells me that he is on the way to Perdana. so, lepak rumah Amir lagi. Jan arrived, and lets go gyming!<-from the words 'jamming'. i was freakin excited man ! when we arrive, i can already hear the sounds of that plyometric floor from several foot. owh shit!

due to the facts that there is no female. semua tanggal baju. actually, we was entering that gym illegally. haha, hidup selamba beb ! the hall was faking hot. no propeller, no air conditioner. hot like hell man. too bad, my knee's hurt that day. i could only last for an hour. so the gym made our day :D we take off about 11 p.m.

aku buat munkey gainer weyh! dash bomb(bail), doublefull(also bail), front 360(almost land, but bail at last).. etc anyway. bangga gila wei dapat train kat gym. haha korang tak dapat :P

p/s: do i mention that we have some difficulty on the way back home ? fakk!


Shimura Runner said...

nice front pike by abir and front 180 by amir aril.
abir's standing gainer at slope???
atha's new super sick trick, webster to "sleep" att the matress...
btw, nice session there...
can't wait to have jamming session with u guys..


Anonymous said...

excellent points and the details are more precise than somewhere else, thanks.

- Murk