Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Date : 28th - 30th of May
Time : 10 a.m. - 11 p.m.
Vanue : Putra World Trade Centre

on Saturday and Sunday,
just had an awesome weeks with my friend inside BSD, outside BSD and my sisters. hohoho. yeah we did perform. theres Parkour introduction, demo, workshop and a hell lot of stuff going on. on saturday, i went there with Arif, Mazys, and my sister. we did perform. i think we did a great job though. haha. with Amir giving instructions and intros about parkour. the difference between parkour and freerunning. yeah, i could say this is the most happening workshop we had ever done. so far, its also the best demo.

i was't even prepare for the saturday event. because it was't my set. wearing jeans, converse and stuff. so its abit pain to de ass. after landing from some tricks. lol. heres the vid. for saturday's performance

Find me (!)

wall flips

Sunday, theres Jan, Aril, and Iwan. it was a crap one. we did only for like 15 minutes? because, Amir, Kei, Azzam, and the rest datang lambat. theres no one to hold the mic. no intro, no instructions, only a stupid lil minutes of demo. gaahhh. we went to the food courd. go tricking with some random B-Boy. blajar handstand wehh!

but after sometimes, when we were walking out of the buildings at the registration. the youth' crew call us for some unexpected demonstration. lolz. so heres the vid yawll

cork landing back spin. lol

some random picture

bunch of retards, Arif & Mazys

Annoying sister

it was nice to hang out with you guys
. ciao~


Shezryna said...

OMG Kalau aku yang buat tuh mesti dah patah tengkuk. Kudos to you guys! :D

Ataticu said...


aku tak power owh :C