Monday, July 5, 2010

Aramy KL Trip

Last friday,
we had a Martial Art Tricking session with Aramy from a group of martial art trickers in Johor Bahru. he said he board the bus at 9. but how the hek does he arrive at 1? anyway, it was not a really good session at all. also not a fair weeks though. for me la. everyone was busy, tired and everything.

so the first session is at padang cemara. Waie was the one whos excited about those ninja boots. too bad. my feet is't short enough to wear it. he teaches us some basic understanding about ninja yang their moves. ninja is "The Art of Stategy". man, their combo is sick shit. Butterfly Twist to Corkscrew (!) how can i overcome that. that is sick. i cant wait to visit JB and have a home-made big jam with those motion artist.

second session should be at Taman Kiara, Taman Tun Dr. Ismail. the place where you would found chick all around you. but somehow, Hafyz need to go back home early. so we had session at the gym. i attempt the Monkey Gainer and plant my head into the soft pitt. gaahh! hope i did't dislocated my neck. hoho. go back to hafyz's house and watched "shes's out of my league". HAHA

next morning,
went to Bukit Jalil and sent back Aramy. i was alone in KL after that. thinking of visiting Low Yat Plaza. but it was a fag day. so went back home and sleep. i felt sorry for Aramy. came from a long distance. but have't got a thing. just a lil sessh in padang cemara :/

Aramy Nordin

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