Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Sunday morning,
Went to Sekolah Kebangsaan Bandar Sri Damansara 3 at about 11 a.m. with Jan. We got some stuff to do. It's about next week's Parkour and Freerun Demo. I've ordered 2 table and 1 chair as the obstacle for our performance. This ain't no biggie. Just a simple demo to our hometown junior in BSD. We was told that the school's headmaster who chose us to do our thing on their saturday festival. Well, i was pleased to know that. haha :D

We got two session. The morning (9.30 a.m.) and the afternoon (1.30 p.m.). I heard, we'll be performing to the VIP on the 1st session? hehehh. Everything is clean and bitchless so far. But just a small problems thats really getting on my nerve right now. The attendees. We need at least 10 traceurs to participate these two session. Right now, i mean this weeks, most my fellow munkey are too busy hanging on their trees. lol. I need suggestion for the beats that we're gonna play for this demo. i dont know whether we're going to success like for the Hari Belia or what. I've drawn the plan for our movement. I can only hope that no serious injuries and bailness would appear. haha. it's bad for the PKMY. But like i said, this ain't no biggie thing yo.

The Base Plan

so hey-yo readers, do come on 17th July at SK BSD 3.

Cheer Comp was okay. I had fun. Get to spend some time with Pei, met Lily and some of my friend from Kepong. I went there with Jan *again*. Have to be honest, this year's competition did't blow my head. But i love the dance eihh. The tumbling was awesome *For the girls la* boys sakk. And, the most important thing is, we got to see last year's black man tumbling (!). Wohhh! great jumping techniques. He did a Double Fulltwist, a Back Flip 180 with a Flash, and some head blowing dance stuff. Still, all his stuff (except the dance) i have overcomed. hoho. So you're not so close in beating me niggah. Just that his lower body strength was freakin' impressive. ASAM!

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