Friday, February 12, 2010


OWE AMM GEEE!!<-ayat gedik i've managed to not coming late to school for one week. oww yeah baby yeah! haha, maybe you guys macam, 'one week jea?'. hahaha, but for me its a big thing. because i've changedabit. since last year my school reputation was a total DICK.

i've been coming late for like every day. its a very uncool and lame thing to do. the teacher always scold me, tengking tengking sana, tengking tengking sini. haiihh, am tired MAN. Salmizan asik aim aku jea beb. every time i came in late, shes always the one who "mengkantoikan" me. so i have to go to the office and stay there like a stupid midgets until recess. and every day Jaswan<-penolong kanan h.e.m was like 'muka kau lagi?' ha-haha *gelak sedih*

cikgu Ib cakap aku takbertanggungjawab, Salmizan cakap aku pengotor, budak budak lain cakap aku selekeh, Fara cakap aku menunjuk<-tak berkaitan dengan tajuk. another thing. my shirt was dirty, the shoe is black<-have't wash it since i bought it , no badge, no name texts<-thats what i call it , and no neckband<-not obligated

so the thing is, i'm changing. i'm trying to do my homework, try to pour some clean h20 on my shirt/shoe, try to on my microphone when teacher are shouting, and try to not pako-ing<- owh shit! more often. i've tried to avoid parkour as longest as i can. but i can't. pakour is just my life. haha, being a SPM victims is a major mess in life. agree?


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