Saturday, February 27, 2010


the lousy test is over. gosh finaly. i dont know why i felt like sitting for SPM in this first test, rasa menggelabah gila. as usual, i didt study. eventhough i didt study, it was easy afterall. hahahh, Bio was easy, +Math was easy, Chemistry was easy (1st time) and of course Math. i am totaly need to change this year and i need to go to tuition. i have't go to tuition since i was 12. hahahh, im so cool<--ayat Abudi

during the test, Hajar has become my savior. hahahh, thnks for the paper Hajar and atha wears a new shirt. anyway, the test is over. now i can sleeps for the longest hour. main game pun takda gangguan yeah !

yesterday i went to Aladdin to download stuff. then, off to Taman Margosa with Putra. i dont know why i cant jump up high. Putra kata 'tu la, melancap banyak banyak' haha, babi ko. fakk, tricking with Putra sahaja. dam bored. after i came back home, my IDE to external HD cable is missing. so fakk again. just lucky me


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