Saturday, February 27, 2010

Top 8 Tricking Tips !

Train with a group or a friend
in the beginning, its good to trick with other people. after my first year of tricking i began training alone almost exclusively. but I could not imagine starting without the help of my friend Aril. If you cant get a friend interested enough to participate, at least have them keep you company while you flip around.

Collect and watch tricking vids
you need exposure to all the skills and styles. you need to study tricking videos. During my first year of tricking i watched everything i came across and rewatched my favorites hundreds of times. This helped me see relationships between moves and similarities between tricksters. it builds unconscious familiarity.

Join the online tricking community
example, the messe on this site are very active. You will learn a lot by participating ! tricksters are organizing camps, meets, and gatherings all year long and there might be one near you - check the forums. Some of my best memories are at tricking gatherings and i met some of my best friends through the forums.

Add variety to your tricking
vary the location, vary your attire, vary your tricks ! incorporate all tricks into your training, no need to avoid anything. handle fear day by day. tt takes time, it takes some people more time, just keep at it. tricking will amuse and challenge you forever. there is always something new to learn. for advanced tricksters, learning advanced tricks on the opposite side of preference and building unique chain combination is a never ending challenge.

Use tricking, don't let tricking use you
incorporate tricking into your lifestyle, dont make a lifestyle out of tricking. this is art, you create something with tricking. the field is your canvas and your body is the brush, but you are directing the strokes. dont fall prey to anybody else's expectations but your own, and use tricking to make you a better person and amplify your personality.

Film yourself and make videos and share them
tricking footage acts like a save point in video games as far as your peak abilities go and serve you feed back. making samplers is actually my primary mode of expressing what i am with tricks. it might not be your primary mode, but regardless whether you want to make a fancy video or not, the feedback is invaluable. Its mandatory that you film yourself tricking.

Write stuff down
what you really want to keep track of is advice, combinations, and how you feel when you are learning or perfecting a skill. Keep track of important epiphanies and experiences you have while tricking. whether you want to create a full personal manual like I have tricking spell books, or simply keep some scrap paper with some jotted notes around is up to you. but at least write some stuff down!

Help others learn
teaching others is teaching yourself. when you explain something to someone else you are building deeper personal understanding of the subject at hand. helping others learn will also build you many friends and allies. i hope these 8 tips have taught you something useful ! thank you for reading!


Shimura Runner said...

effing useful tips.
it's a fact.
nice post btw.
post it in pkmy forum. =)


Shimura Runner said...

try to post 8 freerun tips. =)
good luck... =)

Ataticu said...

haha, yeah.

will do.
thnks guys :)