Wednesday, March 24, 2010


ha-ha, its funny to looks at things that for some times it is on to you. and some times its on the opposite. things change now. i know some people that when at a point. they were so close to you. and some point. they'll ignore you and look at you, like you're so so nothing to them.

i am not trying to complain about life and the matter arounds me. like Amir said "stop blaming others and complaining about life. blame yourself for not trying to make it better" yeah, i agree with that. every thing that is out of tune with us. we flaw. that is human's natural tendency.

its hard to find friends that we may call friends. some friends are. 'just-friends', 'close-friends', 'hater-friends', 'hipo-friends', 'stab back-friends', or 'frienemy'. whatever role that they're playing in your life. they'd still be labeled as friends. but we could rarely find 'friends' corrects ?

my life is full of haters. i have so many types of friends. 'rempits', 'kaki pukul', 'higher standarts' , 'lower standarts', 'dull', 'bright', 'hot', 'unknown'. so seriously, i know how each type of em make their flow. how their brain interprate our ways of talking (to them) and stuff.


hafyz_dinh said...


cool word...hahahaha...even i said it's a cool word, but that doesn't mean that i'm a frienemy... =D

Ataticu said...

ceh ceh. baik arh tuh


Shezryna said...

Aku kaki pukul. Kan? Kan? >.<
kalau kau cakap ye, aku akan
pukul kao betul betul. Heeee~ :D

Ataticu said...

hahaha. ngok ngek nye shezz. :P