Sunday, May 16, 2010

Hari Belia dan Sukan

we had a Jam session at Putrajaya near KBS buildings. it is for the 'Hari Sukan dan Belia'. all of my team members cant make it for their certain reason. exam is near, school camp, and disallow-ence of parent. so i have to go there all by myself.

but suddently, Fahmi texted me. so i'll be going with him. walking like a gay partner.
so we set off like about 6. i've arrived early at the meeting point, Kepong Central. meanwhile. Fahmi got stucked at the terminal. waiting for the bus driver to show off.

we planned to take the bus. but for some reason. we are getting late. the ERL was the best option. babi, hilang 10 ingget kowt! haha. finally, Fahmi and Atha arrived at Putrajaya Central exactly at 9.00 a.m. we take the bus, 'Nadi Putra' to reach the KBS. heres our flow,

Bandar Sri Damansara-->Kepong Central-->KL Central-->Putrajaya Central-->KBS Buildings

haha, mula mula sampai aku dah energetic.
Amir and Idzham was there too! hahah and it was shocking to meet Huda<--my unofficial ex. she is a member of the PLKN thingy. haha, dah gelap doe dia. we (everyone) had a tricking session before the KBS performance. i met Zulfakar, Auddafi, Bib, Hafyz, and (tak tau nama). they are from JB. yeah, you guys rock for climbing up here in KL. the vaulting table was good, the scaffoldings was great, and the crowd was awesome. got a little skin seperated on my palm. too long hanging on the bar. i met a couple of dancer. after the performance. we all gone to Dataran Gemilang. Afi got his first Butterfly Twist. afterall it was an AWESOME jam.

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